Choose to Have a Great Day


Do you, almost daily, have difficulty facing the day because you feel anxious?

Are you in dread of facing the day because you fear that you are going to experience a terrible, horrible day?

Do you want to pull the covers over your head because you feel sad and lonely?

Well, here is a fool proof way to feel better; to face the day with vigor and hope.

  1. Tell yourself that even though that you feel anxious and or sad, your feelings do not reflect reality and your feelings are not an indication that you will have a bad day. Recall that yesterday you experienced anxious and sad feelings and nothing bad happened to you. You may say, for example, “I feel sad (scared,) but my feelings do not mean that I will have a bad day. I felt scared before, but nothing terrible happened to me.” 
  2. Say aloud, “I choose to be grateful” and identify or recall and reflect on at least six things that you are grateful for. The things that you identify may be as simple as seeing the sunshine through your window.
  3. Then before you leave your room, you dance. Yes, do a jig (You do not need music).
  4. Greet family members with a smile and a compliment.
  5. Text a complement (Thinking of you. God Bless. Love You) to friends.
  6. Take a few minutes several times a day to engage in Positive Self-Reflection.




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